Editorial Intelligence


ei runs a premium network for some of the leading thinkers and players of the day. We have a worldwide reputation for excellence in content and connection. Which makes us resolved to enlarge the skills and access of as diverse a pool of people as possible into the mix at our events. As Julia Hobsbawm, founder of Editorial Intelligence and Honorary Visiting Professor in Networking at both Cass Business School in London and at UCS Suffolk says:

"not only is Editorial Intelligence committed to the CSR benefits of helping different communities access our networks, all the social network science shows that diverse networks featuring different backgrounds, beliefs and ages makes much better commercial sense too".

ei Khadija Saye Scholarships

For 2017 we have updated our eiScholar programme to be the ei Khadija Saye Scholarships - Khadija met us through the Scholar programme and attended Names Not Numbers 2016, many of our Early Risers events and was due to speak at Names Not Numbers Oxford 2017 in September but tragically died at Grenfell Tower. The programme is dedicated to ensuring that young talented people in an organisation gets to network at the top of the ideas mountain just like the Directors who go to Davos, but that in doing so they fund places for our community scholars who we select from a number of partner organisations and social enterprises such as Creative Access, Year Here and Taylor Bennett Foundation.

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